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GHA Black downgraded

Confirming what other Palladium Card members having been saying about GHA Black status not renewing after the first year of membership and instead being downgraded to Gold.  Another Palladium feature axed.  What will they cut next?


Ghurka offer for Palladium Members

Ghurka Store

Received this exclusive offer from J.P. Morgan yesterday for Palladium Card holders:

  • $1000 off a $5000 or greater purchase and
  • Complimentary tote from Ghurka’s Walker collection valued at $595.

To take advantage of this offer, contact one of the three Ghurka stores in the US and schedule your visit.   Mention this invitation and at the time of purchase, simply use your Palladium Card.


GHA Black Status renewed?

GHA Black Status

Palladium Card members have posted that their GHA black status was not automatically renewed after the first year while others have had their status automatically renewed. This seems consistent with selective perks being offered for certain clients but like the Delta Sky Club perk, requires a special reimbursement to the Palladium Card member’s account.  Let us know, has your GHA Black status been renewed automatically?

Palladium Welcome Kits on Ebay

Interesting enough, Palladium Card welcome boxes are being listed and sold on Ebay with ridiculous asking prices in some cases of over $200 dollars.  Personally the highest I’ve seen them sell for is $70 which is still impressive for just a box essentially.

It’s nice to know that the number of Palladium Card enthusiasts seem to be growing by the minute.

Welcome Kits

Delta Sky Club NOT Renewed

Delta SkyClub XXX


Several Palladium card members have confirmed that their complimentary Delta Sky Club memberships have not been renewed.  When inquiring about the reasons behind this change, they were told that the Delta Sky Club membership was a one time offer.

Another Palladium Card benefit axed! What is going on J.P. Morgan?

Palladium Axes Event Ticket Protection

Palladium Letter


J.P Morgan recently announced that as of November 1, 2013, they will no longer offer event ticket protection and Hotel Burglary protection on the Palladium Card.  The letter claims some enhanced benefits but haven’t personally had a chance to look through the guide and verify these yet.

Never did use the event ticket protection but it would have been handy to have it in the background.

Erroneous Credit Bureau Reporting?


One of the many perks of the Palladium Card is that it functions as a hidden tradeline without reporting of monthly balances to the credit bureaus.  In the past, Chase “business” credit cards have also enjoyed a similar benefit.

However, over the past several months, there have been numerous confirmed reports of Chase Ink “business” credit cards showing up on personal credit reports.  When confronted, Chase admitted to this error and had the accounts removed from the respective credit reports.

Have any Palladium Card holders experienced erroneous credit bureau reporting of their accounts?

New J.P. Morgan Ritz Carlton Card


It looks like J.P. Morgan has seriously redesigned their new Ritz Carlton Visa Signature Credit Card.  The card previously did not have a chip and while it was a metal card weighing in at approximately 13 grams, it featured a dull plastic coating with the credit card numbers etched into the front.

The new Ritz Carlton Card however, now features a chip and has shed its dull plastic coating and with the 16 digit credit card number on the front.  What you’re left with is a hardcore, very sleek and attractive metal credit card that is now significantly heavier and feels as metallic as the Centurion Card but weighs almost twice as much as the Centurion Card.

The new Ritz Carlton Card rivals the Palladium Card in weight, measuring a full 27 grams on the scale!  Will J.P. Morgan follow suite with their top Palladium Card and turn up the ante?

Check back for more updates and pictures soon!

United Club Renewed


Contrary to some reported outlets that the Palladium Card was no longer offering complimentary United Club memberships, I received my renewal automatically a few days ago.

Thank you Palladium Card!

Palladium Card no longer listed on …..

Palladium Card


It looks like the day has finally come.  The J.P. Morgan Palladium Card has been officially removed from the list of credit cards on the Chase website.

It’s surprising that it took Chase this long to pull the card from their website considering it was not a card that the majority of individuals could apply for.

Palladium Card Annual Fee Reversed


As others have posted, the $595 annual fee has been selectively waived for certain cardholders.  In addition to the $595 annual fee reversal, the $99 annual authorized cardholder fee has also been waived for up to 3 additional cards !!!

For Palladium cardholders with no annual fee, and no authorized user fee(s), it’s hard to argue that currently, no other card that can match what the Palladium card offers in terms of benefits, services and prestige!

New Palladium Perks @ Bellagio



One of the features that sets the Palladium Card apart from other elite cards are the often unadvertised a la carte benefits.  In the 2012 Palladium Card Destination Guide, advertised Bellagio amenities offered to card holders include:

  • Upgrade at check-in (upon availability)
  • Personalized welcome note
  • Continental breakfast for two daily
  • Backstage tour of “O”

However, there’s more than meets the eye.  Palladium Cardholders also receive special VIP guest check in located in a separate area away from the hustle and bustle of other travelers.

It gets better because if you book a Penthouse suite (or higher category suite) through your Palladium Concierge, then you will also receive:

  • Limo Transfers (ie. to and from the airport and other venues around town)
  • Access to the Executive Lounge
  • Special souvenir

Thank you J.P. Morgan Palladium Card!

1000 Priority Club Rewards Points

1000 Bonus Pts


Received a targeted offer from Priority Club Rewards.  The mailing came in a card size envelope with a postcard offering 1,000 points bonus for watching a 90 second video clip about the Priority Club Rewards Visa.

The link at the end of the video also offers a special bonus of 80,000 Priority club rewards points for opening up a new Priority Club Rewards visa account and spending $1000 within the first 3 months.  Annual Fee of $49 is also waived for the first 12 months with this offer.

If you’re interested in getting the promotion code for this offer just reply to this post.

Amex Charges Backwards

no jobs


American Express plans to slash 5400 jobs or approximately 6% of its workforce in an attempt to reshape its business model.  This comes as no surprise given the declining level of customer service and benefits associated all of their product offerings including their top of the line Centurion Card.

With Bonus Points Mall perks having been terminated a while ago, what will American Express bring to the chopping board next?

Palladium Perks @ Caesar’s Palace

caesars las vegas


As previously posted on MyPalladiumCard, the Destination Guide Booklet issued to cardholders is by no means an exhaustive list of the hotels with special perks for the Palladium Card.  There are many luxury hotel properties around the world that offer unadvertised perks offered to Palladium Card holders.

One of these is Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas which offers Palladium Cardholders:

  • $20.00/day Food & Beverage credit
  • VIP check in at the Diamond Check-in area (normally available only for Total Rewards members with Diamond or 7 Stars Status)
  • Upgraded room at time of check-in when available
  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out

To receive any of these amenties/perks, card holders must book directly through Concierge.  The last time I did a price comparison, the rate concierge quoted was either cheaper or the same as the rate on Caesar’s website so this is actually a great perk.

Merry Christmas 2012 !

Christmas 2012


Merry Christmas to all our readers and may you all have a safe and memorable Christmas Holiday season!



Members’ Area Coming Soon


MyPalladiumCard is in the process of launching an exclusive Members’ only forum.   In order to gain access to this forum, registration will be limited to confirmed Palladium Card holders.

Check back soon.

World’s Heaviest Credit Card?

Could this be the world’s heaviest credit card?

Released several months ago by Sberbank, this limited edition Visa Infinite card touts an impressive weight of ~45 grams (Palladium Card is 27 grams) of gold with 26 small embedded diamonds and a pearl.

Naturally, the card claims to offer many features associated with premium luxury cards such as concierge, lounge access, travel discounts and in this case a free iPhone 5 and Montblanc bank card holder.

All this comes at a price tag $100,000.  $65,000 for the card and $35,000 towards your credit limit.  

The big downside is the card itself cannot be swiped and instead also comes with a regular plastic double.  I’ll stick with my Palladium Card.


Airline status in the works?

Maybe if Palladium Card holders keep requesting airline status it will happen in the New Year !!!!

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